Jasmine’s Juice – #GrammysSoMale 2018

So much was made about the 60th Grammy Awards being different!

Everyone was excited about the changes.

The biggest music show on the planet- there is no greater show in music- where musics past, present and future legacy artists gather under one roof to celebrate their achievements over the past twelve months.

The location was changed from L.A Staple Centre to New Yorks Madison Square Gardens.

All attendees would be wearing a white rose to stand in solidarity with the #metoo and #timesup movements against sexual harassment against women in music and life

There were more BMAE nominees than ever, in fact, the top 9 nominees were non-white!

In the past The Grammys had snubbed numerous black and rap artists, but this year-their biggest award category for best album showed 4/5 nominees were black men!

All the songs that are usually played on a guitar- rock/country- were notable by their absence

In the past the pop categories were mega important but this year they suggested that as Ed Sheeran was only nominated for two ”lesser awards” he hadn’t done as well?

The Brits were not flavour of the year. in the past both Sam Smith and Adele had swept the board but this year only very few British names made the cut.

Operating politically was a good look for the awards in these modern times. the show has struggled to stay relevant for years. it was becoming beyond embarrassing.

Names like David Bowie, Bob Marley and Jimi Hendrix never received a Grammy whilst they were alive, so what do the Grammys really know?


There will always be people who complain that an arts show isn’t the right place to talk politics but i think supporting music acts and allowing them to make statements is really healthy for young fans to watch and engage with.

White roses have historically represented hope, peace, solidarity, sympathy and resistance but florists all over NYC struggled to source enough for the show.

The irony is that eve though all eyes were on the white rose element this year, the nominations and winners were dominated by men.

It’s interesting that the tsunami of women in music all coming out to tell their own personal stories is growing. Hopefully these movements will help women find a voice and solidarity moving forwards.


Even though a huge deal was made about legend Jay Z receiving the most nominations, none of us were surprised that he didn’t win even one. This music chapter in his life isn’t his strongest.

Bruno Marrs and Kendrick Lemar walked away with 6 and 5 respectively, both well deserved.


Ironically even though most tweeted about celebs from the night were women. 9/10 were female- out of 84 categories only 11 solo women won awards. 6 further women won as a part of a duo or group. Pathetic.


It was great to see so many political moments during the show.

Kesha performed PRAYER- about her own experiences with sexual harassment.

Kendrick performed a great show opener full of political statements and Dave Chapelle adding his take on being an honest black man in America.

Rapper Logic speech acknowledged ethnicity, gender, equality and immigration.

Janelle Monae made an empowering speech about the #MeToo movement.

Camila Cabello highlighted the American Dream.

U2 referenced Trumps African countries comments.

Rihanna even incorporated South African dance moves in her set.

Hilary Clinton and other read from the now infamous FIRE&FURY book.

Lordes dress had a feminist icons poem sewn into the back (would’ve been better up front girl!)

There was an overall feeling of unity and speaking up.

Lets hope this movement gets stronger and more powerful.
There’s no room for fear, bigotry and bullying in 2018.

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