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  1. FOR JASMINE DOTIWALA…..HI JASMINE, I thought i would try one last time to contact you i have tried numerous times before with no success .You are THE ONE PERSON TV STAR/PRESENTER/ACTRESS/SPORTS-STARS AND SUCCESSFUL-POWERFUL WOMEN I am missing and your response would be all my dreams come true ,Please, Please, pretty please can you help,I am doing a thesis on sports bio-mechanics at university, The thesis is part of my sports science degree for teaching, I have 197 contributors so far I am ambitiously aiming to get to 200. The people who have so kindly replied so far include KATE SILVERTON, LUCY VERASAMY, NATALIE PINKHAM, TERRI DWYER, JASMINE HARMAN, FIONA BRUCE, HELEN FOSPERO, KATIE DERHAM, SUZI PERY, POLLYANNA WOODWARD, GABBY LOGAN and SIAN WILLIAMS. My thesis is on balance and your centre of gravity in relation to your height, And to make it more interesting i thought i would ask television news,radio,TV celebrities and successful women to vary the answers five questions,1 how tall are you. 2 what is your feet size. 3 how would you rate your balance and agility and posture on a scale of 1 to 5, 5 being the best, 4.do you have a regular exercise regime. 5 at school did you participate in team sports or individual sports.I am hoping to find the relation between your height,feet size,balance and sporting experience,I hope you won’t take offence at these questions they are for my research purposes only.If you feel that questions 3,4 and 5 are too personal, your height and the size of your feet would still be a massive help. I will ask permission if i use any of your answers in my final thesis. good luck always and thanks Keith

  2. Hi,

    I’m an up and coming artist by the name of Nee-Hi and I’m currently looking for help with management and marketing as I prepare for my release of my new album.

    All my music and videos are available to watch via my website but I would be interested in possibly meeting with you if you like what you hear and playing you the new album and seeing if there’s anyway we could work together.

    Kind regards,

  3. hi jasmine im a up an coming rap artist by the name of bumpshkin im lookin for some advice on marketing an conections where to send my album an videos to be seen by the right people can u help.would like to send u a copy if thats ok

  4. Hey Jasmine,

    Keep shining but with your brilliance, don’t burn us up!
    Soon, I will invite you in Northwest London to see what it’s like with the youth here and the community.
    Bisous to you,


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