Ty absolutely killed it last Friday night at Plan B in Brixton….from the moment he stepped on the stage he had the audience in the palm of his hand, whether they were there for the club night or specifically for the launch, he definitely had it down packed.

He totally engaged the crowd and had them singing along to almot every track.  Backed by the almighty Big Ted their stage presence was nothing less than pure hip hop and professional.

It was great to finally see Ty in his ‘happy place’ again, on stage, behind the mic and entertaining.  Those who only know the ‘serious side’ to this MC his comical side shun bright while constantly running jokes, saluted the old school – hailed me out.  Every song.

His creative side was on point, interlude between track inlcuded the theme tune to ‘Cheers’ – it was dope!!!  He jumped in and out of the crowd and at one point was laying on his back on stage, rapping….I kid you not.

It’s clear that Ty has a special relationship with hip hop and watching his performance, his delivery, his passion, his determination and his hunger, it was great to see a UK MC who’s been in the game for many of years still able to represent.

With the current state of UK Urban artist making an impact in the national charts, Ty can/will be that artist who will constantly make music, constantly gig, constantly developing and constantly increasing his fanbase and out live what’s hot right now.

He ended his show and totally forgot to do the single so Ted had to remind me and in his unique comical way Ty apologies and then performed the single with the crowd swaying from side to side.


by COOKIE AKA the infamous Cookie Crew legend..

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