Jasmine’s Juice – I am honoured to join the Board of Arts Emergency.

📣 Personal & Professional Announcement 📣

I’m honoured & delighted to be joining the Board of Arts Emergency -an organisation I’ve long admired, who support young people across the country to flourish in creative industries.

I’ve always thrived around young people and their energy to create new things, in new ways, with new rules and the mentoring I’ve done has always taught me as much as I pass forward.

When young people from under-represented backgrounds are stopped from achieving their greatness due to lack of access I have always tried to find a way for them through those locked doors and mentioned them in rooms where they have no access.
So the work that Arts Emergency do is very important for the future of young people in creative industries as well as this countries future economy, landscape and who has the right to be a part of that world.

Dedicated to levelling the playing field – I’m excited for the work ahead with CEO Neil Griffiths and his team, as well as Chair of our Board Perminder Mann , fellow new trustee Binda Patel , fellow trustee Yomi Adegoke and two stellar young people – Chloe Heywood and Sam Oddie.

So many of my connections oversee and advocate for various arts and creative industries.

It would mean the world to me if you took a look at Arts Emergency’s work and see whether you might be interested in getting involved?

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