So the manic month that I’ve been dreading all year has finally arrived. I knew months ago that I was spreading myself a little thinly by agreeing to do 5 jobs simultaneously but did that stop me from accepting them all? Oh no. I’m the queen of multi tasking I thought-I can do this. And readers-I can, and I am, but I wont lie, its taken all my organisational and professional skills to stay absolutely focused and on my A game so as not to drop any balls.

Sometimes work takes priority over pleasure and so this week I have forgone a very fabulous moment in la with Mariah (working) that I had been looking forwards to for weeks. But she understands. And I just did my KanyeWestshouldershrug and told myself there will be more fabulous moments.

London town is the place to be right now. In the past few days the Cash money crew threw a party here, Kanye and Rihanna are here, I have spent no less than 12 days filming and editing with Ne Yo, Pixie Lott and the scissor sisters for their ITV music shows ONE NIGHT STAND- (look out for them starting in November).

An event that I produced recently was the 20th year anniversary of The word. For those of you too young to remember, THE WORD was channel 4’s flagship outrageous youth show in the nineties hosted by myself, Dani Behr, Mark Lamarr, Terry Christian, Alan Connor and Michelle Collins. It was the original wild Friday night viewing must filled with stars and public. We had every big iconic music star including nirvana, Mary J Blige,  MC Hammer, Janet Jackson,  Cypress Hill, Oasis, En Vogue, Salt & Pepa, I even did a dance duet with Alliyah RIP. We had every Hollywood icon ever from Arnie, to Sylvester, to Sharon Stone, to Halle Berry, to Sean Penn, to Billy Zane, I even did a ballet duet with Jean Claude Van Damme opposite the Eiffel Tower!. We offered TV viewers the original 15 minutes of fame when they did ‘’anything to be on TV’’ in a segment called The Hopefuls where Joe Bloggs from down the road would sit in a bath of cow dung, poke skewers through his face, pull a wheelbarrow by his man parts, drink a pint of his own vomit, snog a granny, and so on. Honestly watching back the old shows I was in stitches at the thought that this content was EVER ALLOWED TO AIR. In today’s OFCOM dominated world that could never happen now. We threw a party for every staff member and presenter that ever worked on the show and had 2 live bands perform on the night. Every staffer that began with TV genius’  Charlie Parsons, Waheed Ali and Bob Geldof at their TV company Planet 24 became ‘’someone’’. Band booker Jo Wiley is now a DJ, and nearly everyone else runs their own successful TV company. Between the guests in that room on the night, the power players of all British TV, print press, radio and celebrity were in attendance. So whilst I should’ve been a nervous wreck, I was actually amped at the challenge of proving to them that years down the line I had graduated from my runner/presenter days!.

Next I was invited to An audience with Angie le mar at the Barbican Theatre which is a stunning, very modern, Manhattan esque venue. Angie performed in front of a celeb audience which included actors Chucky Venice, Jason Barret, Michelle Gayle and many others. The show was in word amazing. A really professional, very diverse, fun evening. Angie is a very charismatic, gifted comedian with unique material and an abundance of hilarious characteristics. The audience which was full to the rafters were roaring from start to finish.

Before the show began I rummaged around in my handbag for money at the bar to buy a drink and lo and behold pulled out a pattie that had been in there all day that I’d taken to work for lunch and then forgotten to eat. About to throw it away a giant hand reached down and grabbed it stating ‘’never throw away a pattie’’ and with that my mate Richie popped it safely into his jacket pocket and proceeded to embarrass me all night by asking the theatre ushers if there was a microwave he could warm it up in . Shame.

Hilariously at the after party soiree drinks in the restaurant next door a waiter heated it up for him and a table of ladies including Michelle Gayle flocked to the pattie and helped eat it. Hilarity.

I finished my week by attending a party thrown by designers D&G for their good friend model Naomi Campbell –celebrating 25 years of her career.

The bond street store was a sea of flashing, popping light bulbs every few minutes as celebs and friends of Naomi arrived to show their support of her. As we arrived the paparazzi were like crawling ants outside and luckily as I went to take my place in the never-ending queue, the dolce celeb team Ruth and Chandni spotted me and ushered me in straight away. Phew!

Olly Murs was being chased by paps outside with a desperate female grabbed him,hugging and kissing him for the now de-rigor kiss and tell fake story, Inside Alexandra Burke was holding court in a fitting purple ensemble, a gaggle of Naomi-etttes were strutting around the store looking like they just stepped out of a Samuel L Jackson Pulp fiction movie , Sinitta was no doubt spilling a few of her mate Simon Cowells secrets to eager journos wanting to catch a tit bit, , looking lovely as always Jamelia stroke through the crowd with her entourage like a whirlwind, Janice Dickinson apparently so merry hat she was trying to steal t shirts lol ,designers  Wale Adyemi , Romero Bryan and friends were being courted by us common folk for fashionista tips, promoter Mr Play was hustling and conversing , boxer David Haye had most of the ladies eye balls on lock down, model Claudia Schiffer was posing for endless pics. Naomi had designed t shirts for D&G that they were selling at £200 for the Pakistan disaster fund. If they had been around £40 I might have donated some cash but £200 for tee I will never wear seemed a little steep queen Naomi meanwhile seemed oblivious to all the fuss around her and like the calm eye in the midst of a storm was obediently doing press interviews and posing nicely for pics.So all in all, A LISTER after A LISTER, model after model and never ending cocktails. A pretty boring night. LOL.

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