Jasmine’s Juice – All I Want For Christmas Is ….(Vocal Ability)

The Jeremy Vine Show asked me to sing a Christmas song along with the rest of the show panelists for the final show week of the year.

Nothing to see here. Just me living my best life in Bond St!

Are you up for it the JV team asked me? Then came the email confirming that they had gone and chosen only the biggest Christmas song ever in history.

My heart sank as I read it. I was about to publicly murder my friends classic song.

But I do know as long as I tried my best thats all she would want to know and (hopefully) understand 😂

So of course I said YES to the TV show team, but also warned them that i have less than zero vocal ability. ”I’m tone deaf, can’t hold a note to save my life and notoriously horrible when trying to sing”.

They didn’t believe me, so here we are…Enjoy!

Merry Christmas! ( I am so sorry Mariah!)

Here is your comedy horror Christmas song 2020! Obviously this may be taken offline by the publishers and song writers and music labels cos I haven’t paid for it….but until it does, get ready to laugh in horror- MERRY CHRISTMAS 2020!


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