Jasmine’s Juice – A Conversation with Music Industry Polymath – DJ Semtex – at Sony Music, for Orchard Music Book Club.

I hosted a conversation with the music industry polymath -Global Hip Hop community titan- @djsemtex at @sonymusicuk for @the_orchard_

Semtex is a world-class DJ, producer , broadcaster, radio hero, live event crowd King , and celebrated author.

DJ Semtex has had a fascinating life as a witness and participant and front seat on the journey of Hip-Hop.

His book shows and proves that he is in the DNA of hip hop culture, cosigned by the culture, and this book is made for the culture.

He was honest, authentic, open, vulnerable, confident, and an entertaining interviewee… which is what every host curator dreams of. 🏆

The audience feedback afterwards was marvellous. 👏🏽

Thank you to the Sony/ Orchard teams for their support and to @cookiepryce for recommending me 🙏🏽

Thank you to Semtex and the audience for trusting me with this very important conversation.

Hip Hop Raised Us All!

* If you’re looking for an incredible Christmas gift for any of your loved ones who might be music or hip hop fans I can’t recommend this book enough- it’s totally incredible! ⭐
The book is both a love letter to Hip Hop, as well as a definitive charting of its story over the years, with incredible album covers , infographics, notable moments, beefs, influence diagrams, and of course Sentex’s own journey within Hip Hop.

The introduction chapter is written by Public Enemy legend Chuck D, and artists like Baby from Cash Money, Ghostface Killer , and Jay-Z all have and love the book!

Jasmine’s Juice – A Lionheart Dinner at the Royal Albert Hall

My friend and former BBC RADIO LONDON colleague LionHeart partnered with the Royal Albert Hall to host the Hall’s first dinner in celebration of black and brown excellence.


It was very exciting for me as it’s my favourite live venue to watch film, music, dance, and more creative arts in the world. It’s accessible to everyone. The staff are always lovely and welcoming and it never loses its magical sheen of luxury and magic.

We had the whole of the Royal Albert Hall to ourselves!

Beyonce is one of one…….Here, we were one of twenty one guests invited to dine. 😂

My fellow guests included actors Adoah Andoh, David Ajala, Simon FrederickRichard Pascoe Sharlotte Ritchie, , Andi from YouTube, and other incredible high achievers in their fields of fashion, music and more.

This night was about recognising and championing 21 people, with a night of exquisite catering, conversation and a warm candid speech from the Hall’s Associate Artist LionHeart.

It was very special.

Llionheart is a Multi-Disciplinary Artist, Poet, Visionary Director, but what makes him stand out is he has HEART! A huge clean, celebratory heart that is open, champions everyone he meets and connects with and that makes him PRICELESS.

People are magnetically drawn to his energy and when he brought together a group of us at the Royal Albert Hall to celebrate Black & Brown Excellence, it was a night of magical company, conversation and creative gastronomical opulence.

The food by chef @kerth.gumbs was out of this world works of art…..I am still dreaming of the mouthwatering delicacies and food experience which included a feast finished with frothing volcanos!

Lionheart brought together people who celebrated heart, people who find joy and motivation in helping others win.

Often, transactional business buddies fade away…. In Lionheart’s squad, people become family and cheer for each other even when they’re not in the same room.

It made sense that we were brought together at the best live performance venue in the world, who are warm, welcoming and inclusive to every member of society – with inclusion and equity for all at the heart of their experience.

Thanks to the Royal Albert Hall team – Sara Jane Power, Matt Todd, Darranda, Davina, and the excellent backstage teams – standing ovation to you all!

Venue – @royalalberthall

Photographer – @jumi___p

A magical breathtaking evening.