Jasmine’s Juice – LuxAfriquePolo Day 2022

This past weekend three of my favourite annual events all happened in the same 72 hour period!

1- Lux Afrique Polo

2- Charlie and Waheed’s summer country home party

3 – The GRM gala

With the girls at Lux Afrique Polo at the Hurtwood Polo Club

My squad and I packed up the cars with our favourite pillows, blankets, wet wipes and emergency croissants for a 200 mile #GirlsTrip 


Firstly it was the annual #LuxAfriquePolo where we were be treated to two polo matches, black opera, carnival dancers, drummers, camels, super cars, summer cocktails, african music, food and fashion!

#LuxAfriquePolo is created by my friend Alexander Amousu. We met when we were kids. Me on MTV/ ChoiceFM, and he had created the R&B Ringtones brand.


Then over the years when I was at MTV, he created excitement by manufacturing gold threaded suits, gold plated phones and tablets and more. He is the king of luxury energy, events and vision! For all his consistent vision, entrepreneurial spirit and putting so much African culture on the British map, I think he deserves an honour – MBE incoming surely!?

My fave- the author and presenter Yomi Adegoke – won the best dressed competition in hot pink!

Yomi Adegoke won Best Dressed
Kanya King, Dawn Butler, Jasmine Dotiwala

He’s created his Lux Afrique Polo event over the past 5 years and it’s grown to be a coveted event every summer, bringing together crowds who are celebrating black cultural excellence with mouth watering food, delectable cocktails and more.

The one thing that every event planner now values is numerous photo opportunity spots across the location and Lux Afrique is no different.

The live performances were hosted by my friend, former tap dance partner (when we were kids at the Stratford Theatre Royal), and TV presenter (one of my presenters at MTV Base) – Kat Boyce!

Jasmine with her old pal, dance partner and presenter Kat Boyce

Also in the platinum area was Michael Pussey- otherwise also known as DJ CK Flash and the man who founded the Peckham BMX Club which has nurtured and developed world class Olympians like Kye White.

Jasmine with Michael Pussey MBE

Performers included Singer Shola Ama and my favourite – Pegasus Opera Company.

For almost thirty years, Pegasus Opera Company has been the home for singers, composers, instrumentalists and directors predominantly, but not exclusively, from diverse African and Asian heritage.

Established in South London and grown from solid and credible roots, they still work out of their home in Brixton. The Company has held true to their founder Lloyd Newton’s credo of ‘harmony in diversity’. They have inspired many to love opera; and they celebrate the music of rich African, Asian and Caribbean diasporas whilst weaving into the fabric of the British performing arts, using creativity to challenge and advocate for positive change.

Pegasus Opera Company
Live performers included Shola Ama, Minor Seventh, Keys The Prince, Roger Samuels and Pegasus Opera
Kanya King, Jasmine Dotiwala, Akala, Chanelle Newman

The food at #LuxAfriquePolo was mouth watering!

– 4 super talented chefs cooking up an African infused culinary storm for the platinum VIP guests 

BIG UP Victor Okunowo, Elody Kolden, Vivian John, and Louis Ashok!

The Ferraris, camels, helicopters, ponies galloping, stunning black women in high end unique African fashion, bespoke cocktails and a great atmosphere continued well into the evening, but we had to leave at 4pm to make an 80 mile ride for the second event of the day – Charlie and Waheeds (my first TV bosses), country summer party.

All the polo players were of African and Caribbean heritage and their profiles were announced to guests

I remember when black and brown people used to leave their cultural identities at the door, but now we all joyously embrace our various global backgrounds, cultures and traditions. In that spirit, many guests wore traditional African outfits and the effect was a spectacular community of colour, energy and spirit!

Funmi Olutoye

Good Morning Britain producer Funmi Olutoye- who was once upon a time a trainee, training in TV Production with me at Media Trust looked glamorous!

Congratulations Alex, on another year of bringing people together proudly showcasing heritage, culture and unity!

#LuxAfriquePolo #african #polo @luxafriquepolo @alexamousu @luxafriquepolo

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