Jasmine’s Juice – A Conversation with Music Industry Polymath – DJ Semtex – at Sony Music, for Orchard Music Book Club.

I hosted a conversation with the music industry polymath -Global Hip Hop community titan- @djsemtex at @sonymusicuk for @the_orchard_

Semtex is a world-class DJ, producer , broadcaster, radio hero, live event crowd King , and celebrated author.

DJ Semtex has had a fascinating life as a witness and participant and front seat on the journey of Hip-Hop.

His book shows and proves that he is in the DNA of hip hop culture, cosigned by the culture, and this book is made for the culture.

He was honest, authentic, open, vulnerable, confident, and an entertaining interviewee… which is what every host curator dreams of. 🏆

The audience feedback afterwards was marvellous. 👏🏽

Thank you to the Sony/ Orchard teams for their support and to @cookiepryce for recommending me 🙏🏽

Thank you to Semtex and the audience for trusting me with this very important conversation.

Hip Hop Raised Us All!

* If you’re looking for an incredible Christmas gift for any of your loved ones who might be music or hip hop fans I can’t recommend this book enough- it’s totally incredible! ⭐
The book is both a love letter to Hip Hop, as well as a definitive charting of its story over the years, with incredible album covers , infographics, notable moments, beefs, influence diagrams, and of course Sentex’s own journey within Hip Hop.

The introduction chapter is written by Public Enemy legend Chuck D, and artists like Baby from Cash Money, Ghostface Killer , and Jay-Z all have and love the book!

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