Jasmine’s Juice – Meeting My Hero – Christiane Amanpour

They say never meet your heroes because you’ll be let down, but this past month I met one of my heroes, and she was not a let down …in fact, she was wonderful!

When I got my first job at Channel 4 in the late 90s as a presenter, I would end up in hotel rooms by myself all over the world, and similarly my next job as an MTV presenter/ producer /and director saw me in hotel rooms across different continents, and each time I would be in a hotel room looking for the English-speaking channel I would land on CNN where Christiane Amanpour would be holding court speaking to and holding world leaders to account- and mesmerizing me with her authority, slickness, grace and style.

Anyone who’s ever travels a lot for work knows who this woman is and adores her!

(She didn’t know it but she was like my traveling buddy bestie across the globe)…I did tell her that as I fan-girled her.

Seeing a fellow Persian woman on a global TV channel ,doing what she did, speaking to everyone from global leaders to movie stars and more, made me feel seen, and made me acknowledge that there were role models out there for me, who belonged in the TV industry, and she STILL continues doing an incredible job killing it on global telly today!

One of her slogans is ” I insist on being truthful, not neutral”, …. that really resonated with me. She has won multiple global awards – and every single one so well deserved! The page below is just one of MANY PAGES!

I was lucky enough to be invited over to NAVROZE lunch at a friend’s home last month and……. Christiane was at the lunch!…. and she was as warm, kind, curious, and even more wonderful than I could have hoped that she would be in real life.

Thank you so much Ben De Pear and Leila for inviting me and Shappi Khorsandi to yours…. we had so much fun!
Amazing company, delicious food, fun conversation, a beautiful family, the cutest dog, a beautiful afternoon….

So the moral of the story is MEET YOUR HEROES!

Jasmine’s Juice – I’m Shortlisted for an Asian Women of Achievements Award!

I am surprised and thrilled to have been nominated for an Asian Women of Achievement Award!

Thanks to this years #AWA judges for seeing something impactful in me.

In the Nineties, when I got my first job in TV straight out of University, many of my parents peer group and my extended family were not approving of my choice to work in the creative industries as opposed to the traditional asian doctor, lawyer style professions.

We suffered many years of whispered judgement about my terrible career path choices and journey as one of the first Asian women to present the UK’s biggest Youth Culture TV show – The Word on Channel 4.

Not only did our community not accept my career choices, neither did my school teachers.

However, I knew that it was an exciting, incredible industry which I was adamant I would get into and continue to do my best to thrive in across the years.

On my journey at businesses like Channel 4, MTV, Viacom, Paramount, Media Trust, Netflix UK and more, I have had bosses and mentors who kindly encouraged me and allowed me to bring my authentic self and identity to work and open doors to others.

This in turn, has allowed me to train, employ and catapult hundreds of other young people from similar under-represented communities into TV, Digital and media careers.

It’s been the honour of my life to front and produce stories from hidden communities for people who didn’t have a voice in the mainstream.

So to be included in this list of brilliant Asian women means so much – it really does!

I now see so many young Asian women working across Media and Creative Industries – they are successful, recognised, being nominated for awards, being asked to sit on panels and ultimately being recognised, credited and remunerated for their hard work…..and I am so relieved that their road is less rocky than mine was.

Whether I am the ultimate winner of this category or not – I am elated (and tickled pink!) to be shortlisted in this brilliant lineup.

Good luck and congratulations to all of us!

@awaawardsuk NatWest Business